About Life in our Kitchen

What’s up folks! We are happy to introduce ourselves as the couple behind Life in our Kitchen. We are Xanne and Sjors (don’t sweat it if you can’t pronounce our names properly, we totally understand) and we are excited to show you our delicious and easy (vegan) recipes everyone can make! Our recipes are mostly refined-sugar free, high in protein and dietary fiber and are usually loaded with vegetables. 

A photo of Sjors and Xanne with a vegan wedding cake.

How Life in our Kitchen was born

We first met back in 2014 during college and we started dating soon after. On a beautiful early summer day in 2022 we got married. We live in The Netherlands in the city of Utrecht and try our best to live a vegan and minimalistic lifestyle. Life in our Kitchen was launched in 2024 because we felt a desire to share our love for healthy and delicious (vegan) cooking. We are very passionate about the vegan lifestyle and we wanted to share our passion in a positive way. By showing and learning others how to cook nutritious, delicious and easy vegan meals, we can make vegan food more attractive and hence get more people to embrace veganism or at least vegan food. 

This is a photo of Sjors and he is wearing a black T-shirt.

About Sjors

I started cooking when I was about 18 years old and I first started going to the gym. It wasn’t very good back then, but it is where I started developing a passion for food. Fast forward a couple of years and I went to college to get a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I finished college in 2019. My cooking skills and style have evolved over time and I now cook entirely different as opposed to a couple of years ago. Besides cooking I like working out, reading books and playing the occasional board game and videogame. And I also like to leave restaurant reviews on HappyCow 🙂

Why is Life in our Kitchen vegan?

We first went vegan mainly in favour of our health, but the main reason we are vegans now is because we believe that animals are here with us, not for us. We can live happy, healthy lives without having to harm other sentient beings. And we can still have delicious food as well, there really is nothing bland or boring about vegan food. However, we do recognise that it can be challenging at first to make the transition. Which is part of the reason why we want to share our story and recipes with you.

It is our hope and goal that through cooking and tasting our recipes you’ll find that you can have delicious, easy and healthy meals without any animal products. We know that the world is not going to go vegan over night, and we are not trying to push anyone in that direction against their will. However, we do want to inspire and encourage you to give it a try. You won’t regret it.

About Xanne

I was 17 years old when I went to college and moved out of my parent’s house. From then on I had to cook for myself. In my time as a student I wasn’t the best cook and often cooked prepackaged food. I wasn’t a fussy eater, but I had little knowledge about food and my diet was very one-dimensional at the time. For example, I had never eaten a curry and never heard of tempeh or chickpeas. My style of cooking changed when I met Sjors and together we have explored new flavours and ingredients. How we cook at the moment makes me so so happy, because it’s delicious and it nourishes my body. To be honest, I’m still not the best cook. But I want to show you that you don’t have to be a chef to create tasty vegan meals. Besides cooking I like to go to the gym, do yoga and read books.

A photo of Xanne from Life in Our Kitchen.
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